Bluegrass Pug Rescue

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About Bluegrass Pug Rescue, Inc.

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Bluegrass Pug Rescue, Inc., (BPR) is a community based, statewide organization with a mission of  rescuing Pugs.  BPR does not have a facility where Pugs can be seen prior to a potential adopter completing the application approval process.  All Pugs are placed into loving foster homes until their forever home is found.   Available Pugs and a brief bio can be viewed here.  Prior to adoption, a visit with the Pug "in person" may be arranged.

BPR receives Pugs needing homes from various situations. BPR takes in Pugs found as strays, dropped off at shelters, left at groomers or vets, or where a change in family situations such as a move, illness or divorce, has caused the family to no longer be able to provide a home for their Pug.  Once in rescue, the Pug is placed with a foster home and taken to the vet for vaccinations, heartworm test, spay or neuter and any needed medical treatment. All known medical conditions will be disclosed prior to adoption.  The first priority is to get the Pugs into the program and into a foster home as quickly as possible.  The ultimate goal is to place the Pug in a safe, loving, "forever" home.


Added to the actual hands-on rescuing and placing of Pugs, there are many other duties, such as outreach, fundraising, and administrative tasks that need to be done. Our volunteers have jobs, families, and pets of their own that they need to tend to, as well as perform the work for BPR.  There are only a small handful of people in BPR who are responsible for all of these tasks (as well as some unexpected ones), so we ask for your patience and understanding in having to wait to be contacted. We assure you, the wait will be worth it. When you decide to open up your heart and home to a rescued Pug or Pug mix, it's a decision you will never regret.

If you are interested in helping out with the many duties that go into rescuing Pugs and Pug mixes, see our section on becoming a Volunteer or Pug Foster parent.