A Little History

Who: Prince Albert Victor, Alix, Princess Beatrice, Princess Irene, Queen Victoria, little pug.     Balmoral 1887    Source:   misshonoriaglossop

Who: Prince Albert Victor, Alix, Princess Beatrice, Princess Irene, Queen Victoria, little pug. 

Balmoral 1887

Source: misshonoriaglossop

The Pug is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of dog on record, even though the first recorded appearance of the word Pug in the English language did not occur until 1566. It was not until the middle of the next century that, according to The Oxford English Dictionary, the term Pug came to mean “a dwarf breed of dog resembling a bull-dog in miniature”. Pugs are believed to have originated in China, where they were documented by Confucius as early as 551 B.C. Pugs are Chinese in origin and were brought by Dutch traders to Holland and England.  The correct name for the breed is Pug or Pug Dog. There are two colors of Pugs: fawn, which is broken into silver and apricot,  and black. The fawn Pugs are distinguished by their black masks. Females are generally around 16-18 pounds and males 18-22 pounds. Pugs love to eat, so it isn't uncommon for them to be a little bigger. Pugs are a member of the Toy group.They were first recognized by the AKC in 1885. Pugs were bred simply for the pleasure they bring as lap dogs. As a result, they know no greater joy than when they are with their person or family.

"Multum in Parvo"  A Lot of Dog in a Little Package

Pugs have been called the clowns of the dog world and were bred for one purpose, to be companions  to humans. Pugs are extremely people oriented.  They adore their owners and will follow them everywhere and always want to be included. Pugs play with other dogs (and sometimes cats), but their true allegiance is to their human companions. A Pug loves a good meal, a soft lap, and a soft pillow. They snore, snort, sneeze, and make sweet Pug sounds so you always know they are near.

Pugs are smart dogs and very willing to learn, but you must show them what you want. They are willing to please, but are often stubborn. Most will rebel against force-based training methods. Reward-based training involving food and games is much more successful. Pugs love food. They also have a great sense of humor and are natural clowns that will make you laugh at them. They will give you every ounce of love they have and be a faithful and loving companion. Pugs are eager to please and eager to learn. Their biggest requirement is that you love them back! A Pug will give you  unlimited affection and loyalty. They crave your approval, so Pugs will try to do just about anything to please you.