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Some of Our Wonderful Success Stories...

Trixie #266 - Adopted 11/2018

Trixie 266.jpg

Fancy #271 - Adopted 11/2018

Fancy #271.jpg

Samson #249 and Delilah #250

Sampson and Delilah 249 250.jpg

Perry #243

Perry 243.jpg

Bailey Jr. #263


Benny #235 - Adopted 10/2018

Benny 236.jpg

Gizmo #267 - Adopted 10/2018

Gizmo 267.jpg

Minnie #264

Minnie 264.jpg

Chester #246- Adopted

chester 246.jpg

Oliver #254- Adopted 9/30/2018

oliver 254 9.30.2018.jpg

Howie #153- Permanent Foster

Howie 153 permanent foster.jpg

Gizmo #252- ADOPTED 9/2/2018

Archie #256- ADOPTED 8/19/2018

Winston #255- ADOPTED 8/14/2018

Clyde #238- ADOPTED 8/8/2018

Lola #240- ADOPTED 7/28/2018

Ollie #233- ADOPTED 7/20/2018

Ollie #217- ADOPTED 7/9/2018

OLLIE 217 7.9.2018.jpg

Mandy #232- ADOPTED 7/8/2018

Gizmo #242- ADOPTED 7/6/2018

Reggie #239- ADOPTED 7/4/2018

Beasty #220 and Frisco #221- ADOPTED 7/1/2018

BEASTY 220 FRISCO 221 7.1.2018.jpg

Zoe #229- adopted 6/29/2018


Audrey #165- ADOPTED 6/23/2018

Pugsley #234- ADOPTED 6/23/2018

Maggie #241- ADOPTED 6/23/2018

Raisin, now Ellen #237- ADOPTED 6/19/2018

Chico #211- ADOPTED 6/16/2018

CHICO 211 6.11.18.jpg

Tigg #230- Adopted 6/12/2018

TIGG 230 6.12.18.jpg

Bear #231- Adopted 5/10/2018

JJ and Charlie- Adopted 4/21/2018

Mushu #222- Adopted 4/14/2018

Chase #222- Adopted 3/18/2018

chase 222.jpg

Tank #219- Adopted 3/6/2018

Valentine #218- Adopted 3/3/2018

Hank #212- Adopted 2/11/2018

Hank (front) with his 2 new fur siblings!

Hank 212.jpg

Kiki #216- Adopted 12/19/2017

kiki 216.jpeg

Bandit #215- Adopted 12/11/2017

Roo Roo #191- Adopted 12/10/2017

ROO ROO 191.jpg

Betty #210- Adopted 12/16/2017

Betty 210.jpg

Amy #208, Adopted 12/9/2017


Puggy #213, Adopted 12/5/2017


Tonka #214, Adopted 11/16/2017

TONKA 214.jpg

Harley- Adopted October 2017

Maggie #209- Adopted 10/24/2017


Amy #208- Adopted 10/24/2017


Shanie and Shredder (#197 & 198)- Adopted 10/15/2017

Shanie and Shredder.jpg

George- Adopted 10/7/2017
George has 2 brothers who are also BPR grads!

George adopted.jpg

Victor #146- Adopted September 2017

Victor 146.jpg

Destiny- Adopted 9/17/2017

Luna- Adopted September 2017


Casper- Adopted 9/13/2017

Casper 190.jpg

Otis- Adopted September 17, 2017

Tank- Adopted September 2017

Tank 189.jpg

Roxi- Permanent Foster September 2017

Roxi 178.jpg

Smitty #202- Adopted 9/4/2017

image_20170903_124439_1504457110341 (1).jpg

Molly #182- Adopted 9/3/2017

part0_10 (1).jpg

Bo #199- Adopted 8/23/2017

Cloud #187- Adopted 8/20/2017

Moose #201- Adopted 8/19/2017

Dexter- Adopted August 2017

Dozer- Adopted July 2017

Maggie- Adopted July 2017

Ella- Adopted July 2017

Molly- Adopted July 2017

Amelia- Adopted July 2017

Cissy and Wally- Adopted July 2017

Layla- Adopted July 2017

Dobby- Adopted July 2017

Pappy #179- Adopted April 2017

Tapanga- Adopted May 2017

Otis #172 & Sally #173- Adopted May 2017

Midge #149- Adopted April 2017

Oscar #168- Adopted April 2017

Maggie May- Adopted March 2017

Olivia #171- Adopted March 2017

Oliver #170- Adopted March 2017

Oliver 170.jpg

Emma # 166- Adopted March 2017

Bruno #175- Adopted March 2017

Major #174- Adopted February 2017

Major #174- Adopted February 2017

Here is Major with his new grumble. BPR grads Gus and Tilly will show him how to train his new parents. We want to thank the forever parents for giving all three of them their forever homes!! What a difference a week makes!!

Maggie #167- Adopted 1/21/2017

Lucy #122- Adopted 12/27/2016

Trixie #136- Adopted 12/26/2016

Jada Dax #155 (on the right)- Adopted 12/25/2016

jada adopted 12.25.jpg

Annie #163- Adopted December 2016

Edgar- Adopted December 2016

Evie #160 - Adopted 12/1/2016

evie 12.1.jpg

Bentley #152 (now Wrigley (fawn) with his new brother)- Adopted 12/2/2016

bentley aka wrigley.jpg

Luna #151- Adopted 11/30/2016

Bentley #156 aka Low Rider- Adopted 11/29/2016

Lucy #164- Adopted 12/13/2016

Angel #158- Adopted December 2016

Mugsy #154- Adopted November 2016

Howie #153- Adopted November 2016

Milo- Adopted November 2016

Gidget #150- Adopted October 2016

Taylor #148- Adopted 10/16/2016

Hank #145- Adopted 9/29/2016

Doyle- Adopted September 2016

Pippy #132- Adopted September 2016

Shawna #144- Adopted September 2016

Jax- Adopted 8/28/2016

Scooter #127- Adopted 8/27/2016

Sadie- Adopted August 2016

Mia #129- Adopted August 2016

Vader- Adopted August 2016

Precious Lexus- Adopted August 2016

Gabby- Adopted 9/17/2016

Racheal #142 Adopted 9/10/2016

Gracie #139- Adopted 8/9/2016

Meana #138- Adopted August 2016

Bugsy #135- Adopted August 2016

Macie- Adopted 8/9/2016

Bo- Adopted 8/6/2016

Ned- Adopted 7/22/2016

Louie #131- Adopted 7/31/2016

Toby- Adopted 7/26/2016

Milo (#95)- Adopted 7/15/2016

Max - Medical Needs Permanent Foster - July 2016

Jackie- Adopted June 2016

Bella- Adopted 6/29/16

Toby #119- Adopted 5/25/2016

Charlotte (Now Chi Chi)- Adopted 5/22/2016

Buddy & Rascal- Adopted 2016

Gus & Tilly- Adopted May 2016

Tater (#112) -Adopted 2016

Tigger (#113) - Adopted 2016


Otis- Adopted 2016

Molly- Adopted April 2016  

Dozer- Adopted 2016




Chloe- Adopted 2016

Petunia - Adopted March 2016 (#110)


Missy - Adopted January 2016 (#100)

Gomez - Adopted January 2016 (#60)

Mimi -  Adopted January 2016 (#105)

Bo - Adopted January 2016 (#88)

Sophie - Adopted January 2016 (#104)

Leah and Leo - Adopted January 2016 (#89 and #90)

Petunia - Adopted December 2015 (#71)

Trixie - Adopted January 2016 (#96)

Jake - Adopted January 2016 (#99)

Zeek - Adopted January 2016 (#103)

Otis - Adopted January 2016 (#101)

Chrissy - Adopted January 2016 (#94)

Oliver - Adopted January 2016 (#102)

Lilly - Adopted December 2015 (#98)

Gilbert - Adopted December 2015 (#97)


Max - Adopted December 2015 (#93)


Bella - Adopted November 2015 (#9)

Charlee Baxter - Adopted November 2015 (#87)

Trigger - Adopted August 2015 (#41)

Pugsley Bernie Boy - "Bernie"  (Now Vinnie) - Adopted September 2015 (#47)

Mia - Adopted November 2015 (#92)

Miley - Adopted November 2015 (#91)

Paisley - Adopted November 2015 (#82)

Pugsley - Adopted November 2015 (#86)

Sally and Lucy - Adopted November 2015 (#66 and #65)

Neo - Adopted June 2015 (#33)

Pugsley - Adopted August 2015 (#57)

Shadow - Adopted September 2015 (#70)

Frankie -  Adopted October 2015 (#85) - 5 Year old Frankie is a super-sweet, playful yet cuddly, little bundle of joy.  Frankie is one of those Pugs that just makes you smile (wait.... all Pugs do that)!  Frankie has a "worried" look on his face all the time, but don't let that fool you - he's only thinking about how to get that sandwich off your plate! 

Joy - Adopted October 2015 (#77)

Duke - Adopted October 2015 (#84)

Gus - Adopted October 2015 (#78)

Prissi - Adopted October 2015 (#81)

Henry - Adopted October 2015 (#68)

Piper - Adopted October 2015 (#83)

Smiley - Adopted September 2015 (#53)

Bashful - Adopted September 2015 (#51)

Frank - Adopted September 2015 (#76)

Mia - Adopted September 2015 (#75)

Happy - Adopted September 2015 (#52)

Pepper Ann - Adopted August 2015 (#69)

Asa - Adopted August 2015 (#64)

Bongo - Adopted July 2015 (#62)

Rosebud - Adopted July 2015 (#46)

Pollyanna - Adopted July 2015 (#55)

Lilly - Adopted November 2015 (#61)

FonzieAdopted June 2015 (#32) - 8 Year Old Fawn Male -

Ayyyy.  Fonzie here.   I’m in a real predicament.   My owner could no longer care for me so I came to live with my foster parents.  It’s really nice here.  I like my fur friends (even the cat).  I really love cat food which has caused some disagreements.  What can I say?  I love, love, love cat food.  My foster parent says I need to work on this issue and I have agreed.  Mom says I am a beautiful boy.  With a name like Fonzie, you have to be a handsome dude.  I am potty trained, but do however, like to mark my territory.  I’m working on doing better.  They tell me my little trip to the vet (snip, snip) will help.  My foster Mom is a little sad because I get a little anxious at times.  I keep waiting for my master to come get me.  I’m a little confused. Hopefully I can find a loving fur-ever home soon so I can settle in.

Update:  OK, I’m doing much better with the cat food thing, but I can get a little grumpy if one of the little people drop an ort from the table.  Any food that drops to the floor is mine, even if I don’t like it.  My foster buddy, Neo, and I had a disagreement over a single green pea. Then neither of us wanted to eat it.  Mom explained this was not acceptable behavior and I have agreed to work on that as well.  Did I mention that I went on a long walk with Neo and we are quite a team. 

Molly - Adopted July 2015 (#30) - Hello peeps!  My name is Molly. My foster mom says I am Molly the Magnificent. I am 7 years old but don't act a day over 4. I love, love, love to play outside and I make sure to tell my foster mom and sister when I need to potty. I love to play with my foster fur brothers and sister and am good with my kiddos, too.

Hi all!  I'm Tiberius - Adopted July 2015 - Now know as "Taco" (#63)

I'm a snort-tastic. nine year old dude who absolutely loves dogs, cats and people.  I'm actually pretty perfect if you ask me.  I was surrendered by my previous family in hopes that I will find my forever home...  I have had a couple potty accidents in my foster home, but I'm doing so much better now.  We think it might have been an infection of some sort that was leading to me having to potty more often.  It's that or the potty training I've been going through... Only time will tell!

I can't hear much, but you really can't tell...  I have adjusted so well that my foster family didn't even realize until the vet told them!  My ears are pretty yucky, but we're working on that.  I also have a little bit of an issue with my hips so I walk a little different than the dogs in my foster home, but the vet man said I wasn't in pain. 

I have to know where my humans are so if you want a Pug that follows you everywhere, I'm your guy.  I love treats and know how to sit for one, but I'd rather not.  Not because I don't want to, just because it feels weird to sit!  I ride great in the car.  I'm AWESOME just sitting up by you in the passenger seat.  Who doesn't always want a best friend in the passenger seat?  

If you want a handsome, well behaved dog (who has the tiniest bark known to man), I'm your guy!  Just submit your application and say that Tibo sent you.  You'll get VIP service.  They love me here.  

Update - March 27, 2015 - "Ti" is going to the vet on Monday for a careful inspection of his ear infection and surgery to help him breath better - his ears are very infected and we're working carefully with medical experts to resolve the condition ASAP.  "Ti" is like a little wind-up toy - pick him up off your lap and set him down and away he goes - what a happy and active little man!  Just to be safe, he wears a "belly band" to ensure he isn't tempted to mark his territory.  We feel he'll get over this idea once he's on a routine schedule and has his own forever home.  "Happy", "Fun Loving", and "Sweet" are three adjectives that describe little "Ti"! 

Foxie and Petie - Adopted July 2015 (#49 and #48) - are a bonded pair of 11 year old darlings that love other dogs and love to snuggle!

Boris - Adopted July 2015 (#50) -  Fawn Male, 5 years old.  My name is Boris!  I am a very active five year old boy and I love to play, snuggle, and give kisses.  For now, I sleep in my crate at night, but I've been eyeing my foster daddy's bed!  I do have a bad habit I am working to overcome - I occasionally "mark my territory" in the house!  My foster daddy thinks it may be because there are several other male dogs in the house.  For now, I wear a bellyband to help remind me that it's a bad habit!  Did I mention that I love to play - I love toys and playtime with my foster daddy.  I love to chase shadows also - that's me below chasing a shadow!  I also like to go on walks (sometimes I even run).  I also love to give kisses and get my belly rubbed.

Samson - AdoptedJune 2015 (#54) - Samsonis a sweet and spunky 3 year old boy with lots of energy. He loves to play with his toys (especially fetch and tug o' war) and go on long walks. He also likes to be around his humans to snuggle and give kisses. He is potty trained, crate trained, and a good listener. Samson is the perfect dog for someone who wants a puppy attitude without having to train him. 

Lily and Kirby - Adopted June 2015 (#39 and #40) - Lily and Kirby came to us very underweight and sick - we got them medical attention and gave them lots of love and affection and the transformation was amazing.  Now Kirby and Lily live with a wonderful family and are happy and healthy.  Thanks to all of their friends who donated to their cause or kept them in your thoughts and prayers.

Sammy - Adopted May 2015 (#44) - Fawn Male 5 Years Old.  Sammy the Snuggler.  He likes nothing better than a good snuggle. He is such a loving boy. He gets along great with his foster brothers and sister. We are working on the marking. He is doing better. He doesn't have a big appetite like most pugs. This could be from where he had some teeth pulled. Hoping that resolves soon. Sammy is deaf. I'm pretty sure he doesn't hear anything. He doesn't bark much. Only when he's in a kennel. He hates the kennel. He LOVES sleeping in the people bed. He'll snuggle up close and stay there all night. Even though he can't hear me, I whisper sweet nothings to him in the morning and give him belly kisses.

Molly - Adopted May 2015 (#38) -  Molly is a spicy middle aged female with a great outlook on life! Her foster family love her to pieces and she gets along great with their two dogs, and the families small flock of free ranging chickens. Little Molly is a perky, high energy, girl with a lot of life and love to give! A bit grey around the edges, and just a tiny bit pudgy, this girl is younger than she looks, and often outlasts her younger housemates when playing. Molly can sit and come on command and is working very hard on learning how to stay and lie down. A cuddle bunny and couch cushion queen, Molly wants to be with her people and is incredibly affectionate. She is mostly housebroken, and knows how to use potty pads. Little Miss Molly would be best suited to a home without timid or nervous canine or feline members as she has a very dominant personality, however she gets along wonderfully with outgoing and calm mannered pets. Molly loves to go on walks and car rides with her family, but is non-destructive and calm when left home alone. She would make a great addition to almost any family and would love to have people of her very own! 

Tootsie (Now known as Misty Wigglebutt Tootsie Roll) - Adopted May 2015 (#42) - 9 Year Old Fawn Female.

Roxie - Adopted May 2015 (#43) - Roxie is about 1.5 years old and is one of the cutest pups on the planet!  After being passed from family to family, Roxie found herself in the loving arms of Bluegrass Pug Rescue.  

Roxie has that typical puppy energy and absolutely LOVES playing with other dogs!  She'll chase balls and toys, but hasn't quite learned to return with them to play fetch.  She's a gal that LOVES chew bones of any kind, and is happy to preoccupy herself by chewing on her favorites.  Roxie is being fostered in a home with 2 cats and completely ignores them.  She is the happiest pup around!  Even if another dog gets grumpy with her, she keeps that adorable grin on her face.  Roxie can get a bit dominant with other dogs (not in a mean way, but she does mount them), but we're hoping that will lessen now that she is spayed.  Roxie is also heart worm negative, house and crate trained, up to date on all of her shots. 

Winston -Adopted March 2015 (a.k.a. Sir Winston) (#25) -  Winston is approximately 10 years young!

I LOVE walks
I LOVE food.   But  my royal caregiver portions out my quality dog food so the King does not get too fat.  Having minions do my work, tends to make Kings fat.
I love to sit or lay on your lap.
I get along very well with the  Dachshund in the castle.
I am accepting of the 2   thirteen pound cats.  I bark at them occasionally just to remind them of their position.  They run and I smile.   Dogs rule and cats drool.
There is a child minion in the castle.  She grooms and loves on me.  I find that very enjoyable.
I sleep well in the Crate of  the King at night.
The other animals share a water bowl very nicely with me.  
I don't bark much.  But I do enjoy talking to you.   Kingly conversations about taxes and soft bedding and such.
I LOVE soft toys.  I take great comfort in them.

Adopted April, 2015 - Steve (#23) - Steve is around nine years old, and is an absolute doll!  He was picked up at an animal shelter after not being reclaimed by his previous owners.  While that sounds like a very sad story, he is actually doing fantastic and learning new things each day...

This adorable Puggle (Pug/Beagle) loves to snuggle and loves to be with his people.  He's a very smart boy who learned how to sleep in a kennel in just 4 nights, loves to be scratched on his rear, and wants to be with you whenever possible.  He gets along with other dogs, ignores cats, and never forgets to let you know when he is pleased to see you by barking out his satisfaction that you have returned home to cuddle with him.  

Steve is 100% house trained, likes to ride in cars, loves to go for walks, and knows how to sit and give paw!  He is also a good boy when given a bath...  He's an amazing little guy who just needs someone to share their heart and home with. At  9 years old he is still a hoot and loves to have fun!  Steve recently started playing with the other dogs in his foster home, playing with toys, and is listening to new commands that he is being taught.  He's a really smart and sweet guy who just needs somewhere to rest his adorable little head.  He'd be the perfect addition to almost any home!

Adopted April, 2015 - Gabby and Gumbo (#37 and #36) - Gabby and Gumbo are best friends (brother and sister) and need to be adopted together... These adorable nuggets are only 7 months old and are looking for their forever family! Of course they are silly and funny and have tons of puppy energy. 

Adopted March, 2015 - Bruno (#35)-   Bruno is an active 3 year old. He loves toys and he gets along great with his foster brothers and sister. He is perfectly crate trained. We are working on the potty training. He is cute as a button. He's a low rider with little short  legs.  One foot is white with black speckles. Very soft coat. Doesn't seem to shed much at all!  He loves to take off running in the back yard. He is just a happy little fella.

Adopted April, 2015 - Percy (#29) - Percy is a handsome two year old who was found as a stray. After being unclaimed for a week, he found his way to BPR. He is very calm and does well with children, other dogs and cats. He loves to cuddle and be held. He also likes to play and go for walks. He can be a little shy at times, but this is improving as he continues to adjust. He does well in the house and also crates. He likes to follow you from room to room but also likes his "alone" time and usually just hangs out on the couch.

Forever Foster - March, 2015 - Snuggles (#31) - Hello friends!  My name is Snuggles and I am 10-years young. My foster mom says I have a sweet,sweet spirit. I like to lay around quietly and take in my surroundings. I get along great with my foster fur brothers and sister and my foster mom tells me I do great with her grandson. She said I haven't even been in her house a week and I have stolen her heart.  The first day in my new home I had an accident but now it's smooth sailing since I am getting used to my new room. I like where I am staying but I would love to find  my fur-ever home.

Adopted March 2015 - Nova (#26) - Hi Everybody, my name is Nova and I am almost two years old.  My previous owner says that I am a Pug mixed with a Boston Terrier (Bug), but I don't know for sure!  My foster daddy says I am very sweet and timid - I get along well with the other dogs and the cat, but I get scared if they rough-house with me.  I just went to the doctor and got my teeth cleaned and my annual vaccinations - I also got spayed.  I have a little trouble remembering that I am only supposed to go potty outside - my foster daddy is working with me on that - I am very smart so it shouldn't take long. 

Margo - Adopted February 2015 (#24) - Margo is an adorable little two year old Bugg (Boston Terrier / Pug mix). What a sweetheart!  She has scarring from ulcers in both eyes, but it doesn't seem to slow her down. She gets along with children, dogs and cats. She is very energetic and loves to run and play. She won't be happy unless she is able to run and get lots of exercise. She loves long walks and car rides. She rarely barks and is very good in the house. She is house and crate trained. She loves to cuddle and will follow you around. She is a great companion if you have an active lifestyle! 

Adopted February 2015 - Marley (#17) - Marley is reported to be around 4 years old.  She's a small, super-sweet all-black Pug and gets along well with everybody (human and dogs).  Marley is also one of the smartest Pugs I've ever cared for - she is housebroken and also knows basic commands (stay, sit, shake, etc).  Marley has a medical issue - she vomits if she eats hard food or too much soft food.  We've now determined (with the help of veterinary experts) that Marley has a condition know as Megaesophagus (ME) - a condition in which the muscles of the esophagus lose their tone and are no longer able propel food into the stomach.  We feed Marley in a special bowl designed to slow her down and we are careful not to feed her too much at once.  Ideally she eats three smaller meals a day, but when her foster dad is away, she eats twice a day.  It's best to sit Marley upright when she's done eating (she loves getting her belly rubbed) so gravity can do its thing with her food (move it to her stomach).  If she gets too excited after she eats or eats too fast, she may vomit.   Marley eats soft food and small hard treats - her case of Megaesophagus is not as severe as some dogs.   If you're looking for a full-time companion Pug that loves to play, snuggle, get under the blankets, and give kisses - this is the Pug! 

Adopted January 2015 - Buddy and Lady Fawn (#21 and #20)

Buddy, male, 11  - 13 years of age (approximately), Black in color, came into BPR with Lady Fawn, female 8 yrs of age (approximately) Fawn/black mixed color on Dec 19, 2014.

Buddy is UTD on shots, crate and house trained, on heart worm prevention medication.  He was neutered and had some teeth pulled and cleaned on January 09, 2015. Buddy is underweight from neglect however he has a very sweet personality.  He loves to sit in your lap and snuggle,  he is a good dog that gets along with other dogs.  He has not bothered the cats in the house but likes to give them the "stink eye" when he gets in the right mood.  Buddy has trouble seeing but it doesn't slow him down much.  He has eye drops to help an old injury but his sight doesn't impair him much.  Buddy is a happy fellow that gets around a little slower than most due to his age and current physical conditions.  Buddy doesn't play much, he chooses to do a lot of sleeping and cuddling!

Lady is UTD on shots, crate trained, house trained and on heart worm prevention.  She was spayed before she came into the rescue.  Lady is a very good dog that likes to play with toys from time to time and snuggle on the couch. She gets along great with other dogs and cats. Lady is in fair physical condition but was malnourished (like Buddy) when surrendered.  We are  trying to get some weigh on her with multiple feedings of a high protein diet per day

Both are very sweet dogs!

Adopted January 2015 - Sally (#15) -   I took a moment from getting a belly rub (my favorite activity) to tell you a little about myself!  I am around 5 years old (that's what the vet said, at least) and very sweet (if I do say so myself) and docile.  I get along fine with other dog friends and I love to be as close as possible to my foster parents.  I have a very soft coat and I love to flip over and get my belly rubbed!  I came to Bluegrass Pug Rescue with some health issues, but with some expert help, I am on the road to full recovery.  As a result of my medical condition, I have a special valve that helps me urinate - it's really no big deal, but be sure to ask the folks at Bluegrass Pug Rescue to tell you more about it before you complete your adoption application.  Did I forget to say how sweet and loving I am - my foster parents can't believe it! 

Adopted - December 2014 - Ralphie (#18).














ADOPTED - December 2014 - Snoopy - a.k.a. Snoop Dog (#14)- Hi there!  I'm a very energetic, small, and young (around a year old) Pug mix (we think he's a Chug - Chihuahua/Pug Mix).  I am very well behaved, I am even housetrained!  I love to play with other dogs (and humans) and love to chew on my chew bones when I'm alone.  I can sleep in my crate, but I prefer to sleep in bed with my foster mommy.  My foster mommy describes me as "sweet, adorable, and loving".

Adopted November 2014 (#9) - Bella - Hello! My name is Bella.  I was surrendered because my mom got real sick and couldn't keep me. Another family member took me, but her dog didn't like me when she figured out I was staying, so that didn't work out so well. It wasn't because of anything I did. I am five years old and a real sweetheart. I am a little timid right now because I have been through so much, but I already have my foster family watching tv with me!!! I am quiet and obedient and rarely have an accident in the house. I like to go for rides and just about any place with you. I also like my crate and like for you to leave the door to it open so I can come and go. I LOVE toys and cuddling.

Adopted 11/2014 Rusty (#16) - Rusty was new to the gang and somebody fell in love with the little cutie fast!  He's in a "furever" home and happier than a clam!










Adopted 10/2014 Sassie (#13) - Well Hello!  I'm Sassie - I am a three year old very well behaved tiny little Pug!  I am new to the gang at Bluegrass Pug Rescue.    My foster parents said that I am a dominant female and I probably won't get along well with another dominant female dog.  I'm moving soon to a new foster home and I'll tell you more about myself soon.  I'd sure love to make your home my "furever" home.  My adoption donation is $275.   



Adopted 9/2014 Vader (#12)- Hi there!  I'm Vader.  I am a happy and healthy 4 year old Pug!  I am blind, but that doesn't slow me down much - my friends at Bluegrass Pug Rescue are took me to see an eye specialist, my vision can't be restored, but I am not in any pain.  I am playful and energetic, but I also have a "soft" side - I love to snuggle and get belly rubbin's!    Would you like to be my forever home?  My adoption donation is $275.  I can't wait to meet you



Adopted 8/2014 Mikey (#8)- Hello! I am new to Bluegrass Pug Rescue. My formal name is Malachi, but everyone calls me Mikey. I am only 2 and spent a good deal of my life locked in a garage. Some nice people rescued me and wanted to keep me, but it didn't work out, so thankfully they found BPR. I have been to the vet and am in good health and was neutered. I don't really know much about toys or how to play, but am doing my best to learn. I do love to cuddle and have a very sweet nature. I am doing really well with housetraining and seem to do fine if you take me out every couple of hours. I use my crate pretty well but prefer to follow you everywhere you go. My best command to come when you call me. I think that is because I am afraid I might miss something.

Oh - I almost forgot to tell you that I am good with kids, other dogs,cats, people and I am actually just plain good!!! I am working on being a perfect little boy!!!

Adopted 8/2014 Bruno & Lilo (#11 and #10) - Bruno is bonded with Lilo.  More to come on these two cuties.







Adopted 7/2014 Penelope (#3) - Penelope is a super sweet (and super energetic) little (only 16 pounds) year-old Pug!  Penelope was surrendered due to a skin condition known as Demodex which caused extreme itching and hair loss.   Penelope's immune system isn't quite as strong as it should be - as a result, she will require careful monitoring to ensure her skin condition doesn't come back.  Penelope is so happy to have a nice soft coat of new hair coming back and no more itching!  Penelope gets along well with all the other dogs (although, she is a dominant female and wouldn't do well with another dominant female) and loves to play and give kisses.  Penelope would love to live in a home with a playmate (big dogs are fine) - she has lots of energy!  Penelope is ready to warm your heart and give you lots of unconditional love. 



Adopted 7/2014 Sophie (#5) - Sophie is a super-sweet 2 year old puhuahua (pug-Chihuahua).  Sophie gets along well with dogs and cats (is in a household with 8 4-legged brothers and sisters).  LOVES toys and playing with her siblings & enjoys people of all types. Has been yard-trained for potty-time and does so on our schedule (a few accidents the first few days).  She's good both on and off a leash.  Do you want to give this sweetheart a new home?  Sophie will be an easy transition into your home and heart! 



Adopted 7/2014 Sassy (#1) - This little girl's name fits her to a tee! Sassy might be ten years old, but you would never be able to tell. She is full of joy and sparkle, alert and ready to have fun. Whether it's a romp in the yard, chasing the light beam of a flashlight, or racing around the house with the kids, this sweet puggie is up for it. Sassy has perfect house manners and loves everyone, including other dogs, cats and kids. She is house trained, crate trained and loves to snuggle. Give this girl a chance. You will be in love at first sight! 



Adopted 6/2014 Pugsley (#6) - Pugsley is a sweetie and loves to give kisses.  Pugsley's foster home reports that he is housebroken and pretty independent - while he is fine with hanging out with the other dogs in the house, he's just as happy alone.  He loves to go for walks - at the sight of a leash he gets very excited, but also plays a very good couch potato!  Pugsley can't see out of his left eye, but gets along fine with his right eye doing the work of two eyes (better not to surprise him by sneaking up on his left side).  Because of his blind eye and the potential for unintentionally scaring Pugsley, the foster home feels he might be better in a home without small children.  He did well with his bath and loves car rides - he's just a calm, cool, and collected little guy.   Pugsley is reported to be 12, but acts MUCH younger.



Adopted 5/2014Tinker (#2) - Tinker is a true lap dog, he loves nothing more than to be around his foster family.  Tinker loves to cuddle and he LOVES a cover over his head when he sleeps.  Tinker is still not completely house broken, but he learns fast, and he is very smart.  Tinker can already use a doggie door!  He does very well with other dogs, except with his food or treats - he does not like to share those! Tinker was rescued as a stray - we estimate him to be 6-7 years old.  He's sweet and spunky!  Right now, Tinker is underweight - we'll have that problem resolved before you know it!



ADOPTED 6/2014Missy (#4) - Missy is an adorable, tiny,  little 6 year old female. She was taken to an animal shelter to be euthanized because she had an accident in the house! She has since been treated for a urinary tract infection. Her foster mom says she has not had a single accident in the house. Missy is crate trained and housebroken.  She loves other dogs and is very playful. Most of all, she loves people. She gives the sweetest little kisses. Missy is ready for a home with lots of love. In return, she will give you unconditional love.



ADOPTED 6/2014Otis (#7) - "I turned one year old in April. My first owner had to go away for a while, so I was living with other family members until their landlord said I couldn't stay there.  Fortunately they found out about Bluegrass Pug Rescue and in two days I was rescued, vetted, neutered and placed into a loving foster home. I am very sweet, love to play and LOVE to have my belly rubbed. I need to gain some weight, but other than that I am healthy. I get along with other dogs, cats and LOVE kids."