Bluegrass Pug Rescue

Adopt a Pug. Change Two Lives.


How Rescues Work

Adopting a Pug through a Pug rescue is a wonderful way to add a Pug to your family.  Rescue groups get Pugs in need of homes for a variety of reasons. People reach out to Pug rescues as a means for finding a suitable home for the Pug they truly do not wish to give away.  Like any dog, Pugs can be let loose, given up, lost, behaviorally difficult, sick, old, caught up in a divorce dispute, their owner has become ill or has died, removed from a home because of abuse or neglect, or from puppy mills. Whatever the reason, Rescue Pugs are Pugs in need of loving, "forever" homes.

When you adopt a Pug through a rescue, you are saving that Pug's life, and giving it a good, loving home. You can truly change two lives - yours and the Pug's!

Rescue Pugs can be found in all shapes, sizes, physical conditions, and ages. Some are puppies, others are older. Some are in great health, others have special care needs. Some are well-trained, others need training. Some lived in loving homes, others were abused and traumatized. Some look like show dogs, while others have features that don’t even come close to meeting the breed standard. Whatever the case, they still need homes and love. If  you have a home and the desire to open it up to a Pug, we urge you to rescue.

Rescue is often a Pug’s last chance of survival because all other efforts have been exhausted. To see them as they come into Bluegrass Pug Rescue, neglected and discarded, and then later blossom into their own unique personality is amazing.  This is rescue.  You can be a part of this transformation.