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Meet our Adoptable Pugs!

Click here to complete an adoption application (applications also accepted for "coming soon" Pugs).  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for frequent photo updates and stories!

A little about our fees - our expenses average 4 times the amount of the adoption fee per dog - meaning we have to generate $3.00 in donations for every $1.00 in adoption fees.  We are an all-volunteer organization that functions only on the money we raise through donations and adoption fees - we promise to spend the money we raise in a responsible manner and to spend it to help the Pugs.

Adoption Fee Schedule:

Pugs under 1 Year Old:  $325 + $30 Flu Vaccine Surcharge**

Pugs 1 - 6 Years Old:  $275 + $30 Flu Vaccine Surcharge**

Pugs 7 - 9 Years Old:  $225 + $30 Flu Vaccine Surcharge**

Pugs 10 Years Old and Over:  $100 + $30 Flu Vaccine Surcharge**

*Please note that we often don't know exactly how old the Pugs are.  We use our Vet's expert opinion to determine approximate age in these scenarios.

*Please Note:  It will be your responsibility to travel to pick up your Pug.  Transport assistance may be arranged if resources are available.

**Our adoption fees cover only a small portion of our medical expenses.  Due to rise in canine influenza cases,  and out of an abundance of caution, we've opted to vaccinate all incoming Pugs for canine influenza.  The flu vaccine surcharge covers the cost of the first vaccination - a booster vaccination is due within 4 weeks of the first vaccination.  Please ensure you obtain the booster vaccination within the required timeframe and vaccinate your Pug as necessary to help prevent a possible illness.

Please understand that we sometimes have a waiting list of applicants.  We compare incoming Pugs to the needs of previously approved adopters on our waiting list and offer incoming Pugs to those adopters first.  Even if there isn't a Pug that is perfect for your now, we encourage you to complete an application so you'll be approved and ready to go when the "perfect pug" comes along.

Puggy #213- 10 year old fawn male

Bio: Coming soon!


Tonka #214- 2 year old fawn male ADOPTION PENDING 11/16/2017

Bio: Coming soon!


Hank #212- fawn male, pug mix (~8 months old)
Good Morning! I am Hank and I am new to BPR. Yes, I know I am a little strange looking for a pug. BPR was told I am a mix of Cocker Spaniel and pug. Those who have met me say I look like a pug over a big beagle body. Whatever I am, I am cute!!! I am 8 months old and super sweet. I am a little skeptical of new people at first, but will warm up and cover you with kisses in a few minutes. I just haven't had much exposure to new situations. I have good house manners and seem to be pretty smart. I like to play and cuddle. I want to be a lap dog, but I am already 34 lbs., so it is best if I learn to sit beside you!!! I am healthy and am looking for my forever home. If you have a big couch, maybe I could cuddle with you?!

Adoption fee: $325 + $30 flu vaccine


RooRoo #191 - Fawn Male ~ 11 years old

Adoption Fee: $100 + $30 Flu Vaccine Fee ($130 total)


Meet RooRoo - the clown of the bunch!  RooRoo's face will certainly melt your heart and his expressions can't be beat!  RooRoo's age is based on is prior owner's submission - he appears and acts much younger than his age.  RooRoo was hit by a car and suffers some neurological damage, but he gets along great - he doesn't let a little nerve damage get him down!  RooRoo "talks" a lot - he truly seems to be saying something - perhaps he will tell you he wants down from the couch to get a drink or he wants a snack - you'll soon learn how to interpret what he is trying to tell you!  RooRoo cannot "do" large amounts of steps (especially down - that could be dangerous), but he can easily navigate one or two steps.  RooRoo is a genuine couch potato and loves to cuddle under the blankets!  RooRoo would love to be part of your loving home - once you meet him, he'll steal your heart!

Howie 153 2.JPG

Howie #153 - Fawn Male ~ 11 years old

Adoption fee:  $100 + $30 Flu Vaccine Fee ($130 total)

Meet Howie!  We'll have more details on Howie soon.

Howie 153.jpg

Chico #211: fawn male, ~7 years old

Adoption fee: $225 + $30 flu vaccine ($255 total)

We would like to introduce Chico who joined the BPR family a few days ago. Chico is a great boy who is about 7 years old. We were told that he was aggressive and didn't get along with kids. We have seen no signs of any aggressive behavior and he loves kids. He is a jokester and will keep you laughing. He has been a complete love with everyone he meets. He has good house manners and just needs love. He is ready for his forever home.  Is this the pug for you?


Betty #210, fawn female, ~8 years old; Available for adoption

Adoption fee: $225 + $30 flu vaccine ($255 total)

Good morning BPR family! I am Betty and I joined BPR a few days ago. I know I may look a little rough, but I have had a hard time. A couple of years ago, I was left at the back door of a vet's office in a filthy crate that was way too small for me. The staff found me when they came in for work. I was in bad shape and they were pretty sure I came from a puppy mill. At least I was left at the office instead of something worse. The staff nursed me to health and found what they thought was my forever home. A couple of weeks ago, I was brought back to the vet's office and left. Apparently they didn't want me anymore. I thought I was being a good girl. The staff again treated me and found BPR. So here I am. I am 8 or 9 years old. I am very sweet and want to love and cuddle ALL the time. I had an ear infection but it is better. My hearing is not so good, so you have to get my attention which isn't a problem because I am probably right beside you anyway. I have good house manners, get along with other dogs and am super sweet. I do need a dental and my flu booster, then I will be ready for my forever home. If my home is with you, I promise I will be the best dog ever.