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 Author Unknown

Author Unknown

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 To all of the fur-babies I've loved.  Sandy in Lexington

To all of the fur-babies I've loved.

Sandy in Lexington

Rascal, Born 4/28/2001, Rainbow bridge 5/1/2017

I remember when I first saw Rascal. The blue eyes, the white fur, Rascal grew up to be like his name, Rascal. He was born in Louisville, KY. But, when he was 15, (4 days before his birthday) we moved to New York. But, I could see the age getting to him, he start to feel sick, I could tell. It was April 30, 2017, that I took him to the vet. The vet said " I am very sorry to say this but, I think Rascal needs to be put down." I got in the car with Rascal and when right home. I opened the door and there, in the living room where my two children and husband. I was crying. I told them that we must put Rascal down. My daughter, Mary age 9 started to crying, she ran upstairs and hid, she did not come out to eat dinner. My husband, Alex and I went up to the vet after taking the children to school. I kissed Rascal and cried. Alex did the same. But, something came to me, I took Rascal out of the doctors arms and ran to the car. Alex got in and before he knew it was off. I picked up the kids from school, and we all went back to the vet. When we got there I gave Rascal a shake and kiss, everyone else did the same. Mary and Ella cried. I cried, Alex cried. I got a new dog, just for Mary and Ella, and so my other dog could have a friend. Mary and Ella named the dog Rascal Jr. because the pug looked just like Rascal The First. I knew life would not be the same, but I get over it sometimes. In my heart, I still miss Rascal. 
In memory of our faithful, loving dog, Rascal.

- Katy Yarberry, New York city, New York

Stella- Rainbow bridge 11/27/2017

A note from Stella's forever mom:

Stella was found on the side of a road and dropped off with our vet. Those eyes melted my husband's heart and he brought her home. Unfortunately for him she bonded to me more and followed me everywhere, Her favorite place was on the couch, her favorite activity was eating. She developed mast cell cancer and it got bad fast. We couldn't let her suffer for our benefit so now she is gone. Pugs are the best little buddies ever! MIss you dear Stella!

Stanford, KY


Scoobie- Rainbow bridge: 9/10/2017

A note from Scoobie's foster/forever mom:

BPR family - thank you so much for all your love and support for Scoobie. For the last 4 months, I was privileged to be Scoobie's foster/forever mom. She brought so much joy to our family and our love for her had no boundaries. She was such a special girl and fought so hard! While her body gave out here on earth, it gives me peace knowing she's now strong, able to run and is without pain. Thanks again to all of you for loving and supporting her through her journey. -Judy

scoobie 169.jpg

Charlee Baxter- Born: 7/27/2010, Rainbow bridge: 8/5/2017

"Charlee Baxter was the energy of our household. He was loved so much and we are broken without him. Heaven gained a true angel and we will never ever forget him."

Jason and Julie Bowers, Columbus, OH

Sniffys- DOB: 5/10/2010, Rainbow bridge: 6/10/2017

He was a lover and loved by all whom came in contact with him.

Angie Duncan, Andersonville, Tennessee

Lily Bug - Born: Dec. 31, 2010 Rainbow Bridge: April 29, 2017

Lily Bug came to our family at the age of 2.  She had a wonderful previous owner, Michelle, whom we had continued contact with throughout Lily’s short life.  We lost her so sudden and unexpectedly, of an unknown cause, at only 6 years old.  She had passed in the night peacefully in bed with our son.  She was our very first pug and was such a fun, playful, stubborn, and feisty little thing.  There are so many things that we will miss about her…the way she did “crazy dog” after her baths and would chase her tail into complete dizziness.  She LOVED her toys and would get EVERY single one out of the toy box every day.  She especially loved her alligator, Mr. Moo, and hot dog toys.  She always played watch dog and barked at EVERY single thing that walked by our house.  Whenever we would return home from being gone she would get so excited and would howl….the kids would really get her going on that one!  She loved to lick the dishes clean while I was loading the dishwasher.  Taking her to the vet or to get her nails trimmed was always quite the challenge! She often followed me wherever I went, even to the bathroom!    I’ll miss the softness of her fur and her velvety ears.  She had the most pet-able head, and her tail was tight like a cinnamon bun.  We loved how she would get so excited for Christmas and Easter mornings, just like our kids.  Lily always got presents too!  She was so fun to watch running in “figure eights” at top speed out in our yard.  Lily was such a huge part of our family and was included in family photos.  Although we lost her way too soon, we are deeply thankful for the short time we had with her.  She will hold a special place in all of our hearts and we will be reminiscing about her often.  Our special memories will carry us forward until we meet again, sweet Lily Bug.

The White Family, New Albany, IN

Wilson Phillip Sexton Born6/28/2003 - Rainbow Bridge2/8/2017

 We would like to dedicate this memorial in honor of Wilson for our good friends Angie and Jaimie.  Love, Tiph and Lisa

Angie Sexton,  Jeffersonville, IN

Harley - Born 2/28/2006 - Rainbow Bridge 12/9/2016

Harley was a wonderful furbaby. He was funny, sweet & lovable, truly one of a kind Pug. We will dearly miss him every day, he will always be in our hearts. Until I see you again Harley,R.I.P.

Stacey Cook, Waukesha, WI

Bailey - Rainbow Bridge November 29, 2016

Lizzie - Born: 4/15/2004 - Rainbow Bridge: 9/8/2016

Lizzie was such a loving, fun, silly pug. she was loved by everyone around her and is my best friend. She will forever be in my heart

Jordan Mahoney, Shelbyville KY

Dexter - Rainbow Bridge August 24, 2016

Lucy Arnold - Born:6/10/2005 - Rainbow Bridge:5/3/1016

Lucy was my best friend.

Sheila Arnold, Owensboro, KY

Groucho - Rainbow Bridge May 2016

Petunia - Rainbow Bridge: 1/13/16

Petunia was the light of our life. She was the reason we rushed home after work, and the keeper of our hearts. We lost her to cancer after only 9 short years. Not a day goes by that we don't speak of her. Some people say that animals don't have souls. One day with Petunia would change their minds. My sweet girl wouldn't leave my side when I was sick. When I had a tough day she was there trying to cheer me up with cuddles and kisses. Petunia was pure love, and she is dearly missed.

Blenna LaRue, Louisville KY

Kirby - Rainbow Bridge, December 2015

Snuggles - Rainbow Bridge, November 2015

Wednesday - Rainbow Bridge, October 2015 (#56)


11/28/2005 - 8/10/2015

I miss your sweet "I love yooues" that you would howl!
We all miss you Maxie Boy.

Teri Van Pelt - Berea, Ky

Malady - Rainbow Bridge, July 2015 (#67)


10-2008 - 5-2015

Our beautiful baby left us unexpectedly after seven short years. We are devastated. Maya was the center of our lives. She was a best friend, playmate, a confidant, snuggling buddy and fur sister to her BFF Boston Terrier Bella. She made every day better, listened to all our problems and made us laugh at her quirky antics. We cherished her every snort, snore, rabbit hop, and attempt to eat bubbles and rain. Maya can never be replaced and will always and forever be the Pug that changed our lives for the better. She left broken hearts behind as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge but we thank god for every moment we were blessed to be her family. In a perfect world we will be with her again one day. We will love her forever.

Amanda and Mark Lasson, Beavercreek, OH

Pork Chop - Rainbow Bridge, May 2015 (#45)

Pugsley - Rainbow Bridge, January 2015

Noel - Rainbow Bridge December 2014 (#22)


05-1999 - 05-2014

Jax was a great pug he was also mastiff . .we love him .

Jessica Ward - Key West, Florida


6/22/1999 - 7/22/14

My Chloe was everything to me.  I was never able to have children.  God, knew my heart and desire
to be a mom, so gave me Chloe.  She gave me 15 too short, beautiful years of PURE love and joy.
If love, could have kept her here she would have stayed with me forever...... You are forever loved and
missed my precious baby, Momma.

Lori Foster, Las Vegas, Nevada


8/15/1999 - 5/18/15

Coconut was a black Pug/Dalmation mix.  She is greatly missed.

Jessica Parker, Miami Florida


Daisy Mae

2008 - 3/26/2015

Daisy Mae, my most beloved best friend, born August 20, 2007 and left this world unexpectedly at 7 years of age on March 26, 2015. Daisy girl, I will forever cherish the happy memories we made together. Thank you for your unconditional love and for allowing me the privilege of loving and caring for you.  I wish we had been able to have more time together but I am grateful for the time we had. I no longer rush home from work each day just to see you and sometimes, I forget that you're really gone.  But, you still make me smile and warm my heart when I think of you. I love you my girl, my Baby Dee-Dee.

Cindy Kline - Murfreesboro, TN


11/23/2000 - 3/25/2015

I just miss him so much. He was funny, courageous, always hungry and the love of my life.

Paige Hessel - Louisville, KY

Piglet (Piggy)

07-31-2005 -12/05/2014

Piglet was my Angel, she knew me just as well as I knew her. We had a very special bond, we spent every minute together when I was home. We snuggled every night, and Piglet knew when I went to work, mom would be back soon. Piglet passed from an unknown illness, and it has broken my heart. She was so loyal, protective and loving. She would watch TV with me and play with me all the time, she kept me company and never left my side. At times she even went to work with me, and she loved it. She was so smart and knew exactly what I needed and I knew what she needed. She will forever be missed. I have a hole in my heart now and pray she doesn't feel like I left her at the Vet. I was on my way to pick her up so she could be home with mom, her favorite place to be when she didn't feel well, when I received the call that she had passed. I wish I would have taken her home the night before when I was visiting her and she gave me that look like mom, please don't leave me here. Piggy, I love you so much and miss you more than I could have ever imagined. RIP Piggy

Laura Cushing - Louisville, Kentucky





Sam was the light of my life,and left a hole in my heart that will never heal..he was my first pug,and he is what lead me to pug rescue..he is why i do what i do.that little guy had so much love to give,I knew if he could love like he did,then there was more out there that could as well..he showed me how to love..

Donna Williams

Salt Lick, Kentucky





Izzy was the life of the party and the head of the household!  Izzy was adopted only two short years ago and passed suddenly due to an unknown illness.  She was such a good girl and we loved each other so much.  Izzy will be missed but remembered always in our hearts.

Emily and Justin Wolfe

Covington, Kentucky

Brianne (Breezy)

10/2002 - 8/28/14

 Brianne (Breezy)

Brianne (Breezy)

Brianne was the most adorable Pug. She had her own little routine. In the morning she would sit with her papa (Tom) in his recliner while he had his coffee, but at night she was my little angel. She would sit with me to watch football just like she knew what the game was all about. She left paw prints on our hearts, and will never be forgotten

Tom and Mary Spurgin

Louisville, Kentucky