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How It Works

Please Note:  Part of our thorough application process includes a home visit - as a result, we are generally only able to accept applications from the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  If you are outside of Kentucky, please email us as prior to submitting an application for more details.

The process starts with completing the adoption application. Your thoroughly completed application will assist the reviewer to ensure that the Pug will be placed in a home best suited for the needs of the individual Pug.  Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be approved.  Once a completed application is received, the information will be reviewed, references will be checked, then a volunteer will contact you and schedule a time for your home visit.  Once the process has been completed, you will be notified of the outcome. 


A home visit is required in order to meet the applicants.  Everyone living in the household needs to be present for the home visit.  The information on the application will be reviewed and the volunteer will complete the required form and submit it to the adoption coordinator.  The visit usually takes between 30 minutes to an hour.  We encourage you to have a list of questions ready for the volunteer conducting the home visit.  The home visit allows us to see that the home is Pug-proofed and compatible for the new Pug.

Please understand that BPR is staffed completely by hard-working volunteers.  BPR volunteers do this work in addition to their regular work and family responsibilities.  The processing of your application may take longer based on the number of applications received.  Incomplete applications will not be considered, so please review your application for completion before submitting it.  Your application will be used to determine whether to begin the approval process which includes reference checks and home visits.  The references you provide on the application will be contacted so it is requested that you notify them of this prior to using them as a reference.  You must also notify your vet and give the veterinarian you use permission to talk to Bluegrass Pug Rescue, Inc.  BPR does not have the resources to contact applicants to obtain information left off the application. Our application is designed to give basic information to determine your eligibility to adopt a Pug.  It is your responsibility to complete the application honestly, accurately and completely.  Be aware that the information on the application will be verified during reference checks and home visits. BPR Pugs will not be adopted to homes or placed in foster care where the current resident dogs are not spayed or neutered. Anyone living in a rental situation must provide a letter from their landlord approving of the Pug living on the property. 



Arrangements to meet a Pug can be made once the prospective adopter has been approved to adopt. We try to have the approved adopter meet the Pug at the home of the foster family.  Meeting the Pug "in person" allows you to see the Pug in a familiar environment. We require all of the family members of the potential adopting family to make this visit together.  Our goal is to find the perfect "forever" home for these Pugs and Pug mixes. 

The last step in the adoption process is the signing of the adoption agreement.  The BPR agreement requires, among other things, that the adoptive family keep the Pug current on all vaccinations and medications, contact BPR prior to euthanizing the Pug (except in cases of extreme medical emergency determined by a veterinarian) and contact BPR if they can no longer keep the Pug for any reason, returning the Pug to BPR in that event. Upon signing this agreement, you will need to provide the adoption fee for the Pug by check (preferred) or credit card (via PayPal).  For the safety of our volunteers, cash is not accepted. 

Adoption Fee Schedule (Effective 12/1/2017):

*Separate from $25 application fee

Pugs under 1 Year Old:  $400 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $424

Pugs 1 - 6 Years Old:  $325  + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $344.50

Pugs 7 - 9 Years Old:  $275 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $291.50

Pugs 10 Years Old and Over:  $150 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $159

*Please note:

  • Adoption fees cover only a small portion of our medical expenses
  • We often don't know exactly how old the Pugs are.  We use our Vet's expert opinion to determine approximate age in these scenarios.
  • It will be your responsibility to travel to pick up your Pug.  Transport assistance may be arranged if resources are available.

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