Meet our Adoptable Pugs!

Click here to complete an adoption application (applications also accepted for "coming soon" Pugs).  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for frequent photo updates and stories!

Adoption Fee Schedule (Effective 12/1/2017):

Pugs under 1 Year Old:  $400 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $424

Pugs 1 - 6 Years Old:  $325  + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $344.50

Pugs 7 - 9 Years Old:  $275 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $291.50

Pugs 10 Years Old and Over:  $150 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $159

Please Note:

  • Our expenses average 4 times the amount of the adoption fee per dog - meaning we have to generate $3.00 in donations for every $1.00 in adoption fees.

  • We are an all-volunteer organization that functions only on the money we raise through donations and adoption fees - we only spend the money we raise in a responsible manner to help the Pugs.

  • We often don't know exactly how old the Pugs are. We use our Vet's expert opinion to determine approximate age in these scenarios.

  • It will be your responsibility to travel to pick up your Pug. Transport assistance may be arranged if resources are available.

  • Please understand that we sometimes have a waiting list of applicants. We compare incoming Pugs to the needs of already approved adopters on our waiting list and offer incoming Pugs to those adopters first. Even if there isn't a Pug that is perfect for your now, we encourage you to complete an application so you'll be approved and ready to go when the "perfect pug" comes along.

maggie 2.jpg

NAME : Maggie #217

ESTIMATED AGE : 3 years old

STATUS : Available for Adoption

SEX : Female Fawn

TEMPERAMENT : Maggie is a high energy cuddle bug. She is a little comedian who gets excited easily. She came from a home with inter-dog aggression. Currently, she gets along with her foster siblings, but she would do best in a home with another patient dog. She does great with people.

MEDICAL : Maggie has brain hydrocephalus. She is blind from birth. This causes some compulsive behaviors such as excitement and spinning.

MEDICATIONS : Maggie will take anti-seizure medications two times a day for the remainder of her life.

ADDITIONAL INFO : Maggie is trained on a potty pad. She will not potty in grass. She requires supervision due to her blindness because she likes to climb onto furniture and “get stuck.”


NAME : Bowser #287

STATUS :  Medical Hold

SEX : Fawn Male

ESTIMATED AGE : 8 years old

TEMPERAMENT :  Bowser loves belly rubs and cuddling. He is really sweet and just wants to be close to his human.

MEDICAL : Bowser has a severe bacterial skin infection that went untreated for several years. He has no hair on his underbelly until he fully recovers.


ADDITIONAL INFO : Overall, Bowser is a healthy little guy! He just needs to get rid of his skin and ear infections.

NAME : Rosie # 277


ESTIMATED AGE : 6 years old

SEX : Female Fawn

TEMPERAMENT : Rosie is very sweet! She just joined the BPR family, so we will know more about her in the coming days.

MEDICAL : Rosie jumped off of a bed in 2017 causing her to lose function in her back legs. As a result, she has issues with bladder and bowel control.


ADDITIONAL INFO : Rosie will more than likely be using a wheelchair for her back legs.


NAME : Clarice #279 (left) and Zoe #280

STATUS : Available for Adoption

ESTIMAGED AGE : Clarice is estimated to be 10. Zoe is estimated to be 6.

SEX : Female Fawns

TEMPERAMENT : Clarice is slighty nervous when she meets new people, but it just takes her a day or two to warm up. Zoe loves everyone she sees! They both love attention and get along with other dogs and kids.

MEDICAL : Zoe has no known medical issues. Clarice recently had a spot removed on her leg that was biopsied. It was determined to be mast cell, however the vet was able to remove it all.


ADDITIONAL INFO : Clarice and Zoe do not like to go potty outside, but they do use potty pads with no issues. They are incredibly bonded and do not like to be without each other.


NAME :  Will # 283

STATUS : Available for Adoption

ESTIMATED AGE : 8 years old

SEX : Black Male

TEMPERAMENT : Will is very nervous and timid. He will need some help adjusting to new surroundings.

MEDICAL : Will is blind. He will be vetted this week and we will know  more about him.


ADDITIONAL INFO : Will was surrendered to BPR by his previous owner.


NAME : Vern # 268

STATUS : Medical Hold

ESTIMATED AGE : 9 years old

SEX : Fawn Male

TEMPERAMENT : Vern should not be around small children due to an old injury in his back, but he loves adults and other dogs!

MEDICAL : Vern is currently clearing up a UTI. He has an old injury in the middle of his back, which can cause some pain.

MEDICATIONS : Vern is currently on antibiotics for a UTI.

ADDITIONAL INFO : Vern’s previous adopter informed us that he was incontinent, however BPR thinks it was due to the UTI. We will know more once it is cleared up.


NAME : Moe # 284

STATUS : Available for Adoption

ESTIMATED AGE : 11 years old

SEX : Black Male

TEMPERAMENT : Moe has a very sweet temperament. He wants to be close to you. He gets along with just about everything and everyone!

MEDICAL : Moe cannot use his back legs. He is in the process of getting some wheels to help him get around. He is slowly gaining some mobility.


ADDITIONAL INFO : Moe was found in a ditch in Ohio. His owner was never found.


NAME : Taz # 285

STATUS : Medical Hold

ESTIMATED AGE : 11 years old

SEX : Fawn Male

TEMPERAMENT : Taz has had a very hard life, but that does not break his spirit. He still wants to love and snuggle.

MEDICAL : Taz recently had palette surgery, a dental and a large growth removed from the top of his head. He is still healing. His eyes still need to be evaluated, as he is blind.


ADDITIONAL INFO : Taz is a fighter! He was in bad shape when he came to BPR from a family that planned to dump him. He improves every single day, and we are just amazed at how much he wants to live!


NAME : Ginger #288

STATUS : Available For Adoption

ESTIMATED AGE : 7 years old

SEX : Fawn Female

TEMPERAMENT : Ginger is a very happy girl and loves to be with her human!



ADDITIONAL INFO : Ginger just came to us this week. She will be vetted and you will learn more about her! She is believed to be a puggle.