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Adoption Fee Schedule (Effective 12/1/2017):

Pugs under 1 Year Old:  $400 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $424

Pugs 1 - 6 Years Old:  $325  + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $344.50

Pugs 7 - 9 Years Old:  $275 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $291.50

Pugs 10 Years Old and Over:  $150 + 6% Kentucky Sales Tax (effective 7/1/18) - $159

Please Note:

  • Our expenses average 4 times the amount of the adoption fee per dog - meaning we have to generate $3.00 in donations for every $1.00 in adoption fees.

  • We are an all-volunteer organization that functions only on the money we raise through donations and adoption fees - we promise to spend the money we raise in a responsible manner and to spend it to help the Pugs.

  • We often don't know exactly how old the Pugs are. We use our Vet's expert opinion to determine approximate age in these scenario

  • It will be your responsibility to travel to pick up your Pug. Transport assistance may be arranged if resources are available.

  • Please understand that we sometimes have a waiting list of applicants. We compare incoming Pugs to the needs of previously approved adopters on our waiting list and offer incoming Pugs to those adopters first. Even if there isn't a Pug that is perfect for your now, we encourage you to complete an application so you'll be approved and ready to go when the "perfect pug" comes along.

Pebbles (9 y.o.) (top photo) #269 and Boo Boo (7 y.o.) #270- fawn females, bonded pair AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION

Pebbles #269 was born on 10-20-2009 and is 9 years old. She has had one owned until she was taken to a shelter. Fortunately one of the shelter staff knew about BPR. Pebbles is a sweet snuggle bug that’s had one pregnancy that yielded 7 pups (Boo being one of them). Pebbles is mostly blind and having some difficulty walking, she’s just a little slow but gets around ok. She does not do well with stairs. Her hearing is good and she knows her name. She is UTD on shots/parasite prevention. She is great with people, kids, dogs, and cats. She appears to be house-trained and has good house manners. She has some skin allergies and is currently on Apoquel. Pebbles loves having her daughter Boo close by to help her navigate her environment due to her sight issues. They are bonded.

Boo Boo (Boo) #270 was born April 08, 2011 is 7 1/2 years old. She lived with the same owner and Pebbles(her mother) since she was born until she was taken to a shelter. Boo is house-trained and has been spayed, UTD on vaccines/parasite prevention, and currently takes apoquel for skin allergies - she just seems to be itchy mostly. She is a little snuggly butter bean that is good with kids, adults, dogs, and cats. She takes good care of her mom, Pebbles. They are bonded.

boo boo.jpg

Gizmo #267- fawn male, 1 year old Adoption Pending

Hello!  I am Gizmo #267 and I am around 1 year old. I was surrendered by my owners due to an eye surgery I received when I was attacked by a German Shepherd.  I was staying outside because I was shedding. It sure was cold. I am so glad to be part of BPR. I am warm and safe and I got my eye fixed. The vet had to remove my eye, but I am still an extremely handsome boy. BPR is still learning about me, but I seem to have good house manners. I am sweet and will follow you everywhere.  I like kids, other dogs and attention.  

Adoption fee: $344.50


Minnie #264, fawn female, ~1-2 years old Adoption Pending

Hi everyone! I am Minnie #264 and I am around 1-2 years old! I am small at only 9.3 lbs. Part of the reason I am so small is that I have several bone deformities, including my spine. But don't you worry, BPR is doing the best they can to help me. I am so lucky. I am already in an adoption pending situation, so I am excited.

Adoption fee:$344.50


Bailey Jr. #263, fawn male, 4 years old ADOPTION PENDING 11/3/2018

Hi there! I am Bailey, JR. #263. I am 4 years old and a good guy. I lost an eye, but I can't tell anyone how it happened. I am sweet and after getting all fixed up and my palette done, I will be a great addition to your family. Hopefully someone will want me soon.

Adoption fee: $344.5o

Bailey Jr. 263.jpg

Bailey Sr. #262, fawn male, 10 years old Available for Adoption

Good morning! I am Bailey, Sr #262. I am 10 years old and the father of several litters. I have hip dysplasia and my sight doesn't appear to be very good. I am hoping that altering me helps with my dribbles. I am a very proud pug and need attention.

Adoption fee: $159.00

Bailey Sr. 262.jpg

Tazzy #261- fawn female, 11 years old Available for Adoption

Hi everyone! I am Tazzy #261 and I am 11 years young. I am the Momma of the crew and have had several litters. I get so excited and am so active that they had to hold me to get a picture. I am in pretty good shape except for needing altered and I have a growth on my left hip. I am looking forward to my new life.

Adoption fee: $159.00

Tazzy 261.jpg

Maggie- fawn female, 3 years old- Medical Hold

Hi! I am Maggie and I am 3 years old. I first came to BPR as a puppy and I caused a foster failure. I was returned today because my family was trying to do the best thing to keep me safe. I am blind and hydrocephalic. This causes me to do some weird things. The other dogs in the family didn't like what I did and would attack me. The attacks were becoming more and more vicious. So my family made the best decision they could and returned me. I am on a medical hold and being evaluated. But one thing BPR already knows is that I am very sweet.

Adoption fee: $344.50

maggie 2.jpg

Zoey #247 - 9 Year old fawn female. Available for Adoption.

Zoey 247.JPG

Zoey is a tiny little Pug Mix (mostly Pug, but a little bit of something that made her nose less “smooshed”). Zoey came to us very ill and we’ve been working hard to bring her up-to-snuff. She’s on the road to recovery but we’re still treating an ear infection and she gets daily eye medicine to reduce some of the heavy pigmentation in her eyes and keep her eyes moist. Zoey has limited vision due to the heavy pigmentation, but that doesn’t slow her down a bit. She loves to snuggle and get belly rubs, but she also loves to go outside and explore the back yard. She is just getting warmed up at 9 years old! Tiny little Zoey would love to be a part of your family.

Zoey’s adoption fee is $291.50 which includes KY 6% sales tax.

Anna #257- brindle female, 4 years old - Available for Adoption


Hi everyone!  I am Anna and I am 4 years old. I am a sweetheart and am totally devoted to my person, but I don't really like other dogs. I think it is because I am afraid they are going to get some of attention. I have good house manners and have perfected the art of following you around. My perfect home needs to be a single dog and no children. I could use a little help with socialization and I like to take things slowly. I promise I will do my best to make you proud.

Adoption fee: $344.50

Georgia Belle #258- brindle female, ~12 years old, AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION


Hi Everybody! I am Georgia Belle #258 and I am so glad to be part of tbe BPR family. I went to the vet today and it is felt that I am 12+ old. But it is hard to believe I am that old. I am very active and like to investigate my surroundings. I do have a little problem with my back end but I get along just fine and can even handle a few steps. For my age, I am actually in good health. I have probably had a hard life, but that is all over now. And just look at my unique coloring - I am a brindle. I just need someone with enough love in their heart to let me love them. I am waiting for you! I am a little grumpy around other dogs (and possibly children) so I think I’d like to be the only dog in an all-adult home!

Adoption fee: $159.00


Homer #244 and Spanky #245- male bonded pair, AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION

Hi! We're Homer(fawn) and Spanky(black). We are an 11 year old bonded pair of brothers who enjoy the simple things in life. My foster mom says we're no trouble because we tend to chill out most of the day and that we're pretty low maintenance. We enjoy sleeping and cuddling, getting a good brushing, and chewing on a bone from time to time. We currently live with two other pugs and get along fine. However, the first day it was a little upsetting because we didn't know what was going on so we got into a few spats until we realized our foster brother/sister were cool. Now, we share the house/bed and eat our meals together. We've also shown our foster mom that were smart and that we're housebroken. While we haven't really gone for many walks because it's been so hot outside, we don't seem to mind as we prefer the A/C anyways. :) 

While Spanky's showing a bit of gray on his face, and Homer moves around a little slower,  we still have a lot of spunk left in us and would love meet our furrever home.

We both have a couple of things left to do at the vet and then we will be ready for our new home.  If you have a comfy couch and want to be loved. Then we are the duo for you! 

Adoption fee: $318 (includes 6% Kentucky Sales Tax, effective 7/1/18)


Sampson #249 and Delilah #250- fawn male and female, bonded pair; ADOPTION PENDING 9/9/2018

Hi there!  We are Sampson(front-age 11) and Delilah(5).  We joined the BPR family today. As you can tell, we are quite attached to each other. We have spent most of our lives together being passed around from owner to owner. In the end of June, we were in a house fire and were thrown out a window to get us out of the fire. We have been in foster care with a really nice lady and finally made it to BPR. Delilah has a slight ear infection, but otherwise is in good shape. Sampson was dehydrated, but with some fluids and antibiotics, he will be good to go soon.   Sampson also has arthritis which causes a little trouble with his walking, but he does get around on his own.  We are both a little on the thin side, but we are sure we will be getting lots of food.  We are so glad to be in our foster home where we can be cared for. Give us a couple of weeks to recover and we will be looking for our home. We need to stay together because  Sampson can't see very well and Delilah helps him out. When it is time to do something, Delilah just puts her head on Sampson until he gets going -just like you see in the picture. We are really glad to be with BPR.

Fee for both pugs: $503.50 (includes 6% Kentucky Sales Tax, effective 7/1/18)



Perry #243, fawn male, ~10 years old- AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION
Hi everybody. I am Perry, and I just joined the BPR family. My owner moved and left me tied up outside. It sure was hot. A neighbor gave me food and water until finally calling the shelter. Fortunately, the shelter knew about BPR. A really nice lady who works with the shelter took me home for the night and helped get me to BPR. They think I am about 10 years old. I have a bad ear infection. I am at the vet right now so you will learn more about me soon. I am really sweet and will be looking for my forever home soon!

Adoption fee: $159 (includes 6% Kentucky Sales Tax, effective 7/1/18)

Benny (fawn male, 8 years old) #236 - ADOPTION PENDING 10/10/2018

Hi everyone! Meet Benny! Benny is super-sweet and ready to make your sofa his home!

Adoption fee for Benny: $291.50 (includes 6% Kentucky Sales Tax, effective 7/1/18)

benny 236.jpg