The Down Side...Pugs Shed!

Pugs are wonderful companions and very loyal friends. But they are not for everyone.

Photo credit: Jantoo Cartoons   Cartoonist:  Tony Zuvela

Photo credit: Jantoo Cartoons 

Cartoonist: Tony Zuvela

Pugs SHED. Always and forever (make no mistake about it). Pugs are very sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. They require air conditioning in the summer.  Pugs don’t make good running partners. Most pugs (with a few exceptions) love children. Pugs SHED (may have already mentioned that). Pugs are not watch dogs.  Pugs are stubborn and owners frequently see this in matters involving food or housebreaking. They snore like freight trains. Male Pugs like to mark their territory. And yes....Pugs shed.